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Dear Mr. Trump,

The election is over, but your job has just begun.

When you take office in January, you no longer represent the Republican Party.  You no longer represent just those who supported you through this election.  You now represent Americans, all of us.

Americans have spoken, but make sure you are listening.  You were elected president.  The majority of Americans voted for someone else.  You now represent them too.

The campaigns are over.  It’s no longer about what he said or what she did.  It’s no longer choosing the lesser evil.  It’s about listening to the people, why Americans voted how they did, what they conceded, and what they supported.  There is likely more common ground on the individual issues than this election demonstrated.  It is your job to figure that out.

If you woke up this morning feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, that’s because it is.  You now represent Americans and American ideals around the globe.  As President of this country, you are also a world leader.  What you say and what you do from here on out does matter.  Be conscious that your words, decisions, and actions make us proud.  We don’t want to make excuses.

This election divided this country more than it has been in the last 50+ years.  We are the United States of America.  It is now time to live up to your promise and make America great, as one nation, united, with liberty and justice for all.